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Covid Protocols from October 2021

In the light of the Government easing COVID regulations, we have rescinded the mandatory obligations during our courses. The choice to wear a face mask and gloves during the course is at your discretion. Similarly, customers may wish to socially distance themselves during the course and not to come into contact with other course participants.

We will maintain our usual high standard of hygiene at our Centre.

We Promote The British Heart Foundation

We donate funds from each course to the British Heart Foundation Charity. The BHF raise money for research into cure and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases.

Supporting Local Businesses

In order to support local businesses that may be in financial difficulties due to the COVID pandemic, First Aid Training (Bath) Ltd will be maintaining course prices at 2015 levels. Courses for students and charities may obtain a 10% discount.

We now have some of the most experienced and well-qualified first aid instructors in the country. Please view our staff profiles for more info.

10% Discount for Students and Charities

We offer a 10% discount on all of our usual prices if you are currently a student or employed by a registered charity.

This discount also applies to our flat rates for group bookings (5 – 8 people).

Proof of student or charity status is required prior to booking.

Mental Health Training Courses in the United Kingdom

As you are probably aware, there are a number of Organisations offering Mental Health Training for the workplace. 

The Health & Safety Executive say “There is a wide range of Training Providers offering Mental Health Awareness or First Aid training and details of available training that best meets the needs of your organisation can be found by conducting a simple Internet search”. 

It is for the Employer or Employee to decide which Organisation they should go to once they have obtained the relevant information from the Training Provider. With any project that the FAIB is involved in, we do not rush into it without exploring the background and issues involved and consulting with a number of parties. Consequently, we have spent at least 12 months working on this project before producing our new Mental Health and Well-being products. 

We feel that the FAIB Mental Health courses are the best available in terms of Quality, Standards and Cost. Consequently, our 2 day course is unique to others as it supports three areas Mental Health, Wellbeing and supporting, promoting and managing these in the workplace  

Why should a Training Provider or Employer choose the FAIB Mental Health courses?

Unlike other providers of Mental Health Training, you will be able to issue your own certificates by purchasing a FAIB Mental Health Licence for an annual cost of £350.00.

This will offer huge saving to our Training Providers.

Our research has concluded that there should be: 

  • More focus on stress and common Mental Health illnesses with a robust Mental Health action plan to help those in crisis or need.
  • Information to show how you can promote and manage Mental Health and Well-being in your workplace.
  • Information on self- help and well-being to aid prevention.
  • FAIB always follow the HSE guidance with regard to teaching qualifications for in First Aid, therefore the same will apply in FAIB Mental Health training where a trainer must have a relevant Teaching/Assessing qualification to attend the Train the Trainer course.
  • Our introductory price for the FAIB (3 day) Train the Trainer course is £750.00

Once trained, every FAIB Mental Health Trainer must be registered on the FAIB Mental Health Trainer register (in a similar way to those on the First Aid Trainer/Assessor register). 

The price is £20.00 per year. 

The FAIB Mental Health Train the Trainer course (3 day)

Prior to the course, you will be required to carry out some pre-learning for the course by reading the FAIB Mental Health book to ensure that you have some background knowledge in the subject prior to the course.  

The course covers the contents of the 2 day FAIB Mental Health course, where you will see Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace put into practice, so that you are able to replicate it. This will be tested on Day 2 of the course.

As part of the course, you will also be assessed as you go, so that you become knowledgeable in the content of the course. On day 3, you will have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt, this is also assessed so you will then feel confident to be able to deliver the course to your clients.

On passing the course, FAIB will provide you with comprehensive Lesson Plans and a PowerPoint presentation. FAIB will also provide a Mental Health book, which you are required to purchase for every student that attends your course.

These are the following courses that you will be able to deliver:

½ day course – Mental Health Awareness (Suitable for all staff that want to increase their awareness in Mental Health for themselves or others)

1 day course – Mental Health in the Workplace (Suitable for for anyone who has Line Manager responsibility or wants to increase their awareness of Mental Health and how to support and manage it in the workplace)

2 day course – Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace (Suitable For anyone who has Line Manager responsibility, who is responsible for staff wellbeing or wants to increase their awareness of Mental Health and wellbeing and how they can influence it in the workplace)  


As from 1st January 2020, all FAIB Mental Health Trainers must be Trained and Assessed by the FAIB Mental Health Lead trainers to ensure that standards of Trainers are maintained. You are required to have a Teaching/Assessing qualification to attend the FAIB Trainer the Trainer course. (However, please see the FAIB APL Policy below)**

Standards are important to us therefore there will be a yearly requirement for each trainer to:

Deliver a minimum of two, 2 day Mental health and Well-being Courses in additional to any of the shorter courses that they may run. 

Attend an Annual FAIB CPD event to maintain your FAIB Mental Health Approval Certificate (this may be part of a FAIB Conference). 

Submit a minimum of two self- evaluations of your training, backed up with feedback from the courses delivered. 

Submit evaluations for the first two courses that you run even if they are shorter courses.

Additional Support

If you do require additional support after the course, our Lead Trainers are available to support you in co-delivery at an additional cost.

An overview of our courses

1/2 day course – Mental Health Awareness (MHA)

The course covers:

Recognising possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health

Awareness of Mental Health and its stigma 

How to access help for those in crisis or need

1 day course – Mental Health in the Workplace (MHW)

The course covers:

Recognising possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health

Understanding Mental Health and its stigma

Using a Mental Health Action Plan to help those in crisis or need 

Finding external professional help and guidance

The law in relation to mental health and the workplace

Best Practice in the workplace e.g. when helping someone to stay in work or return to work

2 day course – Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace (MHWB)

The course covers: 

Recognising possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health or is suffering with stress

Understanding Mental health and its stigma 

Using a Mental Health Plan to help those in crisis or need 

Finding external professional help and guidance

The law in relation to mental health and the workplace

Best practice when helping someone to stay in work or return to work

Understanding of more complex mental health conditions

Promoting well-being in the workplace and how you can become an Ambassador for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Information on self-care to aid prevention to help others and yourself

** What happens if I have already completed a Mental Health Train the Trainer course with another provider? (Accredited Prior Learning APL)

From 1st January 2020, any Trainer wishing to deliver the FAIB Mental Health courses MUST attend a FAIB Train the Trainer course.

If you have previously completed an alternative Mental Health Train the Trainer course, we would prefer you to attend our course so you can see the differences between this and other courses. However, FAIB accept that other Mental Health training has already been in existence for a period of time and therefore understand and that you have already had some training in Mental Health.

 MHFA England trainers have the option to either attend day 3 of the FAIB Train the Trainer courses at a cost of £250.00, so you can learn more about our courses and take part in the assessment day which includes Lesson Plans and PowerPoint(s) or you can pay a one off fee of £300.00 for the Lesson Plans and PowerPoint(s). You would also be required to purchase the annual FAIB Mental Health Approval Licence at a cost of £350.00 per year that then allows you to issue as many of your own certificates as you wish each year.

FAIB will consider APL (Accredited Prior Learning) for Mental Health qualified Trainers who have attended other Train the Trainer courses, on a case by case basis.

Some Mental Health Trainers will be required to attend the third day of the FAIB Train the Trainer course (Assessment day) at a cost of £250.00

If you are required to attend the third assessment day, you will be shown the content of our courses and how it links to the FAIB PowerPoints and books. This assessment day will provide you with the knowledge and background to successfully deliver the FAIB Mental Health Courses.

Please note that if you have only attended a 1 or 2 day Mental Health course, which is not part of a Train the Trainer accreditation with any company, this will not count towards accreditation of prior learning (APL).

How do I book on a FAIB course or assessment day?

Click or copy and paste our booking page link:-  

On booking, you will be sent an invoice for the full amount, which you can then click on the “Pay now” button and pay either by credit card or bank transfer.  

You will be required to pay a minimum deposit of £250.00 per person to secure your place on the course. The remaining balance will be payable no later than 7 days prior to the commencement of the course.

If you need to cancel your place, the booking can be transferred to another location, however if you cancel 14 days before the course date your deposit will be retained.

You can download the full Mental Health Train the Trainer Guide here

Please call or email if you require any further information

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N.B. All prices are excluding VAT.

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